TERFs / SWERFs &White Supremacy – The Connection

image description: A cartoon of a panel of three people sitting behind a table with a banner hanging off of it that says: HERITAGE FOUNDATION WELCOMES TERFS TO WHITE SUPREMACY WEEK! The first person is wearing a KKK hood with a cross on it and holding a dagger in his right hand. In the middle, the person is wearing a black cap and t-shirt that says “TERF” on it. The last person on the right is a Nazi stormtrooper holding a gun. The speech bubble coming from the TERF says: “I feel right at home!” In the bottom left hand corner is part of a protest sign that says: “KILL GAYS”.

Literally an icon of “the cis hetero white patriarchy supremacy.”

Photo is fuckin lifted from the ever increasingly corrupting and controlling “internet” – coming to fuck over the world. (could corporate social media be any better of an example?)

The image describes the summer of 2019 in america – that other shitty european colony. It was a tale of the convergence of KKK members meeting with other fascist assholes the Neo-Nazis and now The (Terrible) TERFs.

Such a dubious connection. So steeped in today’s colonial oppressive, fascistic, murderous hate-spewing realities.

It is not surprising that TERFs / SWERFs are connected to other fascist hate groups. Religious fundamentalists locally are also connected. We bet they are also connected across that bullshit colonial border. #LandBack

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